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Michigan Giants & Lions
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Show Quality Flemish Giant & Lionhead Rabbits
Michigan Giants & Lions is a rabbitry located near Dundee, MI. We raise and show Flemish Giant rabbits focusing on the Black, Blue, Fawn & Sandy varieties. We also raise and show Lionhead rabbits, focusing mostly on Chocolate, Lilac, Ruby-Eyed White, Black, and Blue, but you will also find Blue-Eyed White/Vienna and Tort varieties in our barn.

We breed with the goal of producing show quality rabbits that meet the ARBA Standard of Perfection. You will see us at many of the rabbit shows held in the Michigan, Ohio and northern Indiana areas. Our rabbits are handled daily from birth so they grow up to have friendly, outgoing temperaments that also make them good family companions. Throughout the year we will have both show and pet quality rabbits available.
About Us
Michigan Giants & Lions is owned by Samantha & Justin. We first got into showing rabbits when we bought our first show quality Flemish Giants in early 2016, and we immediately fell in love with the camaraderie and knowledge that comes with showing, not to mention fun!! Then in 2018, we decided to add Lionheads to our show team after raising them for awhile and learning about this new fluffy breed! We also bred Continental Giants for several years, but as of 2023 we decided to only focus on showable breeds so we no longer raise Continentals. We are both animal lovers, and also enjoy spending time with our German Shepherds, and two cats. When we aren't with the animals on the farm, Justin works in Accounting & Finance and Samantha is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). Welcome to our rabbitry webpage!!!
Buying a Rabbit
We raise and show rabbits purely out of love for spending time with our animals. We breed first and foremost with the goal to improve the quality of our herd, to be successful at shows, and to improve the quality of each breed over time. The safety and well-being of our family and our rabbits is our #1 priority, which is why we have a few policies in place when it comes to selling our rabbits. PLEASE READ OUR POLICIES PAGE BEFORE CONTACTING US ABOUT BUYING A RABBIT. These policies are in place to protect our rabbits and our family, and are non-negotiable. You can also find average pricing listed on our Policies page.

Rabbits are a 7-10+ year commitment, so please do not take the decision lightly, and do your research before contacting a breeder about buying! We are happy to answer any questions you may have, but most of the information you need to know can be found on our website. Please visit our About Flemish Giants & About Lionheads pages for breed specific info, or our FAQ page for info on basic rabbit care.
Flemish Giants
Flemish Giants are the largest breed of rabbit, and are often called "Gentle Giants" due to their laid-back, friendly temperaments. There are seven accepted ARBA varieties in the United States: Black, Blue, Fawn, Light Grey, Sandy, Steel and White. We raise the Black, Blue, Fawn and Sandy varieties. Visit our Flemish pages for more info!!

Lionheads are a fairly new breed of rabbit, accepted by the American Rabbit Breeder Association (ARBA) in 2014. Current ARBA accepted varieties are Black, Chocolate, Ruby-Eyed White, Seal, Smoke Pearl, Siamese Sable & Tort (Black, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac Torts). You can find most of these varieties in our barn, in addition to several others! Visit our Lionhead pages for more info!!

Contact Us
The best way to reach us is to message us on our Facebook or Instagram pages, Michigan Giants & Lions, where we frequently post updates with most recent photos, videos and availability. We can also be contacted via email at michiganflemishgiants@gmail.com.
We are located in Dundee, MI, about 30 min south of Ann Arbor, MI and 25 min north of Toledo, OH.
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